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This blog is dedicated to the field of crime and the family. It is a small university project in which a small group of us will be looking and explaining some of the important issues that surround the family, more specifically domestic violence. We chose domestic violence due to its relevancy in 21st century culture in multiple fields.

First of all: The Running Man Rule:

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So the Blog ?

We have divided this blog up into 4 main topic pages with a support page if you feel any of the problems that have been spoken about may affect you or someone close to you. We will be discussing both family and domestic violence; this page will go into brief definitions as well as descriptive and statistical data surrounding the topics. We will also have a page discussing the historical landmarks in legislation as well as current day social issues surrounding the topic of domestic violence. Finally, a bit more technical, but still important, we have 2 pages discussing some of the more Foucouldian topics surrounding domestic violence including: Neo-Liberalism and The Psy-Complex as well as Normalisation and Responsibalisation. These pages will give you guys the chance to learn about some of the different control theories as well as a better understanding of how they affect us in our day to day lives.